The 4 Sons Purim Spiel raises over £8k for Emunah and Chai

Mazal tov and thank you to The 4 Sons (even though there are 6 of them!) who were runners-up in this year’s Spiel Factor and the Woodlands Close competition.  George Rosenfeld (17), Asher Levy (18), Rafi Levy (16), Dov Forman (13), Gideon Caplan (18) and Shimon Hurst (9), spieled their way around north west London at Purim with their a Capella tunes, while raising nearly £8,500 for their chosen charities Emunah and Chai Cancer Care.

“We couldn’t have done it without the generosity of the community and the commitment of all the boys who have been in The 4 Sons as well as their families,” said founder and director George Rosenfeld. “It’s been an incredible journey and a huge privilege.”

British Emunah director Deborah Nathan comments: “We are so grateful that these talented young men have done so well in two competitions and their marathon spieling efforts, and that that they are continuing to raise so much money for vulnerable children who are cared for by Emunah in Israel.  Thank you The Four Sons for everything you do for us – you truly are amazing.”

This year, they chose to parody the song ‘Cheap Thrills’ which they released on their music video ‘Purim Thrills’ which includes their own medley of ‘Adon Olam’ and other tunes.  Watch it here:

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