About Us

Emunah in Israel helps thousands of children on a daily basis through its network of residential homes, high schools, day care centres and therapy and counselling centres. Emunah is one of the primary social welfare organisations in Israel and in 2008 was awarded the prestigious ‘Israel Prize’ for lifetime achievement and exceptional contribution to the nation.

How Can We Help

How can we help

Backgrounds of abuse, ill-health, poverty and violence are common amongst the children Emunah cares for. Emunah treats all children as individuals, working hard to meet their complex needs, helping them to have a positive future to look forward to. We believe that with the right support, for the child and their family, we can make a real difference. Breaking the cycles of neglect and disadvantage. Making lives better. But we can only do this with your support.

Our Projects


British Emunah currently supports 36 projects across Israel, providing successful solutions to the ever changing needs of Israel’s most disadvantaged children. Funds raised in the UK go to support our projects and close links are maintained with every project undertaken. The annual cost of
maintaining our projects is £500,000 before any additional capital outlay. When our projects need help, perhaps to fund vital repairs, we always try to respond positively.

Our Supporters

British Emunah is part of World Emunah which has 180,000 members in 30 countries. Emunah’s supporters are women and men, children, teenagers, seniors and students. Some are loyal members of many years standing. Others are more recent recruits. All share a common aim: to improve
the lives of disadvantaged children in Israel. Emunah’s family of UK supporters enjoy a uniquely close relationship with each of our projects . Many supporters have visited the projects and seen for themselves the incredible work undertaken. We are always happy to arrange visits or why not join one of our tours?