Emunah Food Fund

Emunah’s Food Fund – feeding hungry children

Many children in Israel are living in extreme poverty.  Emunah is a UK registered charity that helps vulnerable and disadvantaged children in Israel through a network of day care centres, residential homes, high schools and therapy and counselling centres.

The Emunah Food Fund started a few years ago when the headmistress of one of our High Schools in Israel realised that many of the girls had little energy and were ravenously hungry.  It turned out that the families were so poor that there was no food at home – no breakfast, no packed lunch and no supper.  The girls were grabbing whatever they could and hungrily gobbling up what they had cooked in the cookery class.  As time went on it became clear that many of the families of the children at our day care centres were also going without food due to worsening economic circumstances.

Emunah set up the Food Fund to pay for these children to have lunch, possibly their only hot meal of the day, and to help them take food home for their whole family if necessary.  The fund needs £58,000 per annum to provide enough food and money is raised by people buying gift cards to give instead of chocolates or flowers when they go to friends or family for a meal, or when they need a thank you card for any reason. We currently have two sizes of card which are available for a donation from £5 (for the smaller card) or from £10 for the larger size.

To buy Food Fund cards or for more details about Emunah call us on 0208 203 6066 or visit www.emunah.org.uk