Emunah on eBay

Are you an antiques expert? Do you love discovering hidden treasures and uncovering their real value? If so, we would love you to volunteer to be a ‘spotter’ for us finding suitable goods for our EBay shop. Taking charity shopping into the 21st century Emunah has now expanded into the  online retail world of EBay.

With the help of volunteer Geoff Munitz, Emunah now has a presence on EBay and our first year of operation has  brought in over £20,000!

We are looking for more volunteers to join our existing team. If you can spare an hour or two a week to help we would love to hear from you.  We need help listing goods online, packing and posting – if you want to meet great people, work in a friendly environment and help raise essential funds to help disadvantaged children this is just the thing! It’s fun and rewarding  packing up the goods to be sent out and watching the money flow in!  No experience is required, although basic computer skills are useful if you want to help with listing.

We  are also always looking for more unwanted designer goods – handbags, vintage clothes, designer shoes and jewellery are all popular items and would help boost Emunah’s funds. We can also sell china (partial/whole sets and pieces); kitchenalia, paintings and prints, vases & figurines, gold & silver items and cutlery.

Your unwanted goods may become someone else’s pride and joy! De-clutter and help transform children’s lives through your generosity.  If you are a Gift Aid donor, Emunah can also claim gift aid on the sales proceeds of your donated goods, bringing in a further 25% of much needed funding.  It is a true win-win situation!

To see us on eBay click here!

Call Wendy on 020 8203 6066  and please get involved!