Bnei Akiva teenage volunteers visit Afula

Twenty-two members of Bnei Akiva youth movement spent two weeks in Afula, northern Israel, volunteering at Emunah’s Sarah Herzog Children’s Centre, a home for disadvantaged children. Their visit heralds the third year that Bnei Akiva, the UK’s largest Jewish youth movement, has run its Kaytana scheme at the Emunah children’s home, showing first-time Madrichim (leaders) another side to life in Israel.

The participants, who are aged 16 or 17, were chosen from over 100 applicants from around the country and those taking part come from Hendon, Finchley, Edgware, Stanmore and Borehamwood, as well as from Manchester and Leeds. Living on campus at Emunah’s Sarah Herzog Children’s Centre,  they befriended the young people and helped staff with activities and outings.

At a briefing before they left the UK the group of volunteers were addressed by British Emunah representative Mindy Wiesenberg.  She said: “Bnei Akiva is a wonderful organisation and I am proud of you for giving up two weeks of your time to help children who come from very different backgrounds to your own.  These children cannot live in their own homes because the situation is too difficult:  either they are dysfunctional or they have been emotionally or physically abused. Some have parents who are addicted to drugs or are in prison, while others have no parents at all.

“We also look after those with special needs, and have activities and therapies that enable all of the children to enjoy as normal a life as possible.  There is basketball and sport; an art room, music therapy and a petting zoo, and we take them swimming. Over 100 children live at the home and a further 100 attend daily programmes.

Mrs Wiesenberg  went onto explain that Emunah is one of the largest social welfare organisations in Israel and that the charity British Emunah helps to fund 36 of the 200 projects and services. She added: “You will be guided by the staff and the councillors as how to interact with the children; language is not a barrier – and they will all benefit from friendship and a smile.  We quite literally transform lives and you will be helping to make a difference.”

Co-leaders of Bnei Akiva Kaytana scheme were Rachel Gaon, 21, and Aaron Wunsh, 20, who  were helped by Hannah Myerson, 19.  The project represents many months of planning by the three, who are volunteers.  They have been liaising with Shlomo Kessel, director of the Emunah centre in Afula.

Rachel Gaon said: “My role is to make sure that Kaytana is a structured volunteer programme that will benefit participants and create confidence and boost self esteem.  It is very different to camp because the emphasis is on learning how to interact with a group of children who may not be initially receptive and being able to take cues from staff and Sherut Leumi (national service) volunteers. Our goal is to create the next generation of leaders who will take responsibility for the community while observing traditional orthodox Jewish values.

“Teaming up with Emunah is a win, win situation. Kaytana is an opportunity for Bnei Akiva Madrichim from all over the country to come together to gain valuable experience and training while helping to care for some of Israel’s most vulnerable children.”

A short film made by Hannah Myerson showing just what Kaytana was like is available to view by clicking here.

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New CHIC committee raises over £5k for Emunah.

CHIC committee – Caring Heart’s for Israel’s Children raised £5,000 for Emunah at their first event, a sell-out Supper Quiz held at Mill Hill’s Hartley Hall on Sunday night (19 March 2017).

“It all started with Maccabi GB when I went with my husband who was playing football in Israel and a group of us went on a tour and of all the places we saw, it was the Emunah Children’s home in Afula that captured our hearts,” explains Chic committee vice chair, Adrienne Morris.  “I’ve never done anything like this before but we got together and we oversold the places for the quiz and had a waiting list. There were 150 guests plus helpers.”

The committee comprises Richelle Joseph (chair); Adrienne Morris, Danielle Donne, Suki Grant, Dawn Isaacs, Sarah Leader, Laura Rose, Lu Simons, Gail Walton and British Emunah director Deborah Nathan.

British Emunah director Deborah Nathan adds: “We are delighted to have such a fantastic new committee and supporters who are all fired up to raise money for the vulnerable children in Emunah’s care in our residential home in Afula. The amount raised on the evening surpassed all our expectations and is a real testament to the hard work the whole committee put in to making the evening such a success.  I am already looking forward to their next event!”

The quiz was run by Brian Nathan and his quiz team.  During the evening Shlomo Kessel World Emunah Director spoke about the tragic lives of the ‘at risk’ children in Emunah’s care and a film about Emunah Afula was shown. A raffle on the evening was well supported and helped to raise additional funds.

The £5,000 raised by the event, will be matched in Israel and will be used towards the vital refurbishment of the teenage boys dormitory building.

For more photos please visit our facebook page:

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The 4 Sons Purim Spiel raises over £8k for Emunah and Chai

Mazal tov and thank you to The 4 Sons (even though there are 6 of them!) who were runners-up in this year’s Spiel Factor and the Woodlands Close competition.  George Rosenfeld (17), Asher Levy (18), Rafi Levy (16), Dov Forman (13), Gideon Caplan (18) and Shimon Hurst (9), spieled their way around north west London at Purim with their a Capella tunes, while raising nearly £8,500 for their chosen charities Emunah and Chai Cancer Care.

“We couldn’t have done it without the generosity of the community and the commitment of all the boys who have been in The 4 Sons as well as their families,” said founder and director George Rosenfeld. “It’s been an incredible journey and a huge privilege.”

British Emunah director Deborah Nathan comments: “We are so grateful that these talented young men have done so well in two competitions and their marathon spieling efforts, and that that they are continuing to raise so much money for vulnerable children who are cared for by Emunah in Israel.  Thank you The Four Sons for everything you do for us – you truly are amazing.”

This year, they chose to parody the song ‘Cheap Thrills’ which they released on their music video ‘Purim Thrills’ which includes their own medley of ‘Adon Olam’ and other tunes.  Watch it here:

To find out more or to buy their CD’s visit

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Emunah’s Marathon Marvels!

Once again British Emunah is fortunate to have seven super-heroes, taking on the massive challenge of running the Virgin Money London Marathon.  Our runners are:

David Bitan

David Bondt

Flora Frank

Roey Freilich

Claire Gothelf

Jonny Gould

Marc Jackson

The marathon takes place this year on Sunday 23rd April 2017 and our dedicated runners are currently in training for the task ahead.  They are also fundraising for a very special project – their sponsorship is supporting a vital project in the Emunah Afula Children’s Home in Northern Israel, where ‘at risk children, some orphaned, some abused, all neglected, are given the help they need to literally save their lives.

The project is the urgent renovation of the teenage boys’ dormitory.  The building is more than 60 years old and has been home to hundreds of boys. The conditions the children are now living in are primitive and in urgent need of upgrading to meet modern standards.  Just like our children, these children need a safe, nurturing, secure home  environment with their own personal space, a bed, a desk to study at and a cupboard for their belongings, and bathroom facilities which provides appropriate privacy. We have managed to obtain a matched funding pledge so every pound raised will be doubled.

By sponsoring our marathon runners you can help Emunah to provide these much needed facilities and living accommodation for the boys helping them to heal and to feel valued, just as we hope our own children do, so they can go on to a better future.

Please support our 2017 marathon runners by donating online here.

Thank you!

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Join our Retail Therapy Sponsored Walk on 22.2.17

Looking for a guilt free shopping experience?  Want to  have a great time and help Emunah’s children?

Come and join us on Wednesday 22nd February 2017 for an indoor retail therapy walk that combines exercise and shopping – with a quiz to keep you busy as you walk 5 or 10k. Goody bags and discount vouchers for all participants.  Kosher lunch provided. Men and women (and babies in buggies) all welcome.

It is free to register and we ask for a minimum sponsorship amount of just £60.

Come and join us on Wednesday 22nd February 2017.

The money raised will be matched pound for pound – so put on your trainers and come and walk with us to raise vital funds to help the children who live in our Emunah Afula Children’s Home.

To register, email  or call 020 8203 6066  during office hours if you want more information.

Look forward to seeing you on the 22nd February!

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Coby’s Star Turn raises over £2,600 for British Emunah

Bar Mitzvah celebrant Coby Brown raised over £2,600 for Emunah on an 8-mile sponsored walk of 38 London theatres and was accompanied by his father, Jamie. The Highgate School student twinned his simcha with a boy from Emunah’s Afula home and the boys met during a family trip prior to Coby’s Bar Mitzvah at Stanmore Synagogue, last week.  An Emunah support worker accompanied ‘Eliav’ to join them at the Kotel.

“I wanted to help a 13-year-old boy who has not grown up in the same loving and supportive environment as me,” explained Coby.

Reflecting on his son’s success, Jamie Brown said: “I am so proud of Coby for twinning his bar mitzvah with Emunah and for combining his fundraising with his love of theatre.”

British Emunah director Deborah Nathan praised their efforts: “In Israel Emunah cares for 12,000 vulnerable and ‘at risk’ children who rely on our help. We wish mazal tov to Coby and his family and thank them for this innovative way to fundraise to help less fortunate children to be able to enjoy their own Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebrations.”

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Emunah teens enjoy the London experience – and their hosts loved it too!

It was all systems go when 16 Israeli teenagers from Emunah’s Afula residential children’s home arrived in London – ready to meet the British Emunah volunteers who would be their host families for their week’s stay.

Volunteer Sharon Dewinter explains: “Everything was well planned – and we were excited as we held out placards, waiting for the children. They were a bit reserved, if not overwhelmed at first. We went from being total strangers when they first came to close friends who hugged us as they left.”

Calling themselves The Ladies Who Care, Marlene Binder, Camille Compton, Sharon Dewinter,

Sara Greenfield, Darcie Richman, Laura Sint, Rochelle Spector and Lyetta Witzenfeld, helped to raise funds for the trip.  Along the way, they recruited more volunteers to host children and Israel Emunah staff and to help and host activities.

The fun included visits to London sights, a West End show, a Southend trip, and at Top Golf they were reunited with Bnei Akiva participants who visited Afula last summer. They enjoyed rock climbing, Mega Jump, sledging in a snow dome; shopping and relaxing!

On the last night, they received personalised gift boxes from Borehamwood Shul’s Mitzvah Day.

Mrs Dewinter adds: “It is important for the teenagers to know that people care about them and the confidence they have gained from coming to London will impact their future lives. And my children loved it too.”

The initiative was “an inspiration” said Tim Cowland, who together with wife Lucy hosted two boys.  “Our friends Matthew and Natalie Jackson are involved with Emunah and introduced us to the charity,” said Mrs Cowland. “It’s been amazing for the Afula kids and a good learning curve for our own children:  you have to be patient and more giving – and they all got on really nicely.”

Logistics were organised by volunteer Laura Sint, who said: “It was a pleasure to see the children smile and enjoy themselves. The families got a lot out of the week and became very attached to the children.”

Charity director Deborah Nathan said: “British Emunah supports 38 projects for disadvantaged children in Israel and not only do our volunteers raise funds, they have opened their hearts and homes to welcome orphans and children from difficult backgrounds.”

In a thank you video, one participant said: “It was really fun – I enjoyed myself very much. Thank you for bringing me into your home – I have never been made so welcome.”

Article by Sue Rifkin

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Emunah Retail Therapy Walk 2017

Do you need some cheering up from the cold winter days?

Come and join us on Wednesday 22nd February 2017 for an indoor retail therapy walk that combines exercise and shopping. Goody bags and discount vouchers for all participants.  Kosher lunch provided. Men and women (and babies in buggies) all welcome.  Coaches from various locations subject to demand.

What’s not to like?

The money raised will help Emunah in Israel to provide the vital therapies that enable ‘at risk’ children in our residential homes to heal and thrive.  Each child receives an individual programme of therapeutic support and the cost of this is not met by the basic funding provided by the Israeli government.  Your support will ensure these children receive the help they desperately need. Please join the walk or sponsor someone who is! You can make a donation by clicking here.

To register, email – there’s an early bird discount if you register before the day!

Call 020 8203 6066 if you want more information.

Look forward to seeing you on the 22nd February!

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Please help Levi and children like him this Rosh Hashanah – by supporting our Appeal

Donate to our 2016 Rosh Hashanah Appeal by clicking here.

Levi, a well-liked and hard-working 14-year-old, has lived at Emunah’s Children’s Centre in Afula for the last three years.

At the age of 11, Levi was rescued from his abusive, drug-addicted father by the local authorities. His mother had died around two years earlier and his father turned to alcohol and drugs as a coping mechanism. Levi and his two brothers were left to largely fend for themselves.

The brothers frequently had to find their own food – usually boxes of cereal or other people’s leftovers from bins. The boys rarely attended school and had a reading ability far below most children of their age.

Sometimes their father would lock the boys in a cupboard or force them to stay in bed for entire days without any reason. One night, Levi was made to sleep in the bathtub for making too much noise.

Levi and his siblings were eventually found malnourished and severely neglected following reports from concerned neighbours.

They were brought to our centre dressed in their dirty clothes, each carrying one small plastic bag with a few broken toys inside.

Levi was angry and aggressive when he arrived, a frightened child in crisis who had a complete distrust of adults. His brothers spoke very little but displayed anti-social behaviour towards their peers and care workers.

All the children were fully evaluated to assess their individual needs. One was diagnosed as suffering from ADD while another of the boys was provided with a pair of glasses, previously unaware that he needed them to see properly. The children immediately began an intensive therapeutic rehabilitation programme to help them heal emotionally and to start rebuilding their lives. For the first time in many years the boys were safe and well cared for.

The Emunah Sarah Herzog Centre in Afula is a residential home and afterschool day care facility providing therapeutic support services to up to 160 children aged between five to 18, who have been orphaned or come from dysfunctional families where they have experienced neglect, abuse or emotional and physical trauma. For the last three years, Levi and his brothers have been receiving intensive academic tutoring and psychological counselling. The boys are now looking forward to joining a local school from this September, having been supported to catch up with their peers.

Emunah in Israel cares for 12,000 children and British Emunah supports 37 projects.  We help disadvantaged and ‘at risk’ children through our network of high schools, family support, day care centres, and trauma and therapy counselling services.

As many families go ‘back to school’ and as we prepare for the coming Jewish New Year, please consider helping children like Levi and his brothers – these children are relying on your help to heal, thrive, succeed and reach their full potential.

Your donation will help to transform a child’s life:

Click here to donate online.

• Call us on 020 8203 6066 (office hours)

• Or post the enclosed donation to: Emunah, Shield House, Harmony Way, London NW4 2BZ

Thank you for supporting us this Rosh Hashanah and throughout the year.

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British Emunah’s Gala Dinner with Home Secretary Amber Rudd

Home Secretary Amber Rudd helped British Emunah to raise £400,000 when she spoke at the charity’s gala dinner on Monday night 12 September.  This was the first time that the Rt Hon. Ms Rudd, MP for Hastings and Rye, addressed the UK’s Jewish community and she made her speech to a 350-strong audience at London’s Guildhall.

Amber Rudd said: “I think it is entirely appropriate that the theme for this year’s gala dinner is ‘Believing in Israel’s Children.’ Emunah’s work helps so many children with an extraordinary record of supporting disadvantaged and ‘at risk’ children through your centres and services in Israel.  This work is currently improving the lives of more than 12,000 children across the Jewish state. The positive impact you are making on these children’s lives is something you should be very proud of.”

Earlier, Ms Rudd said her Hebrew was “a little rusty” but knew that Emunah means faith or belief.  There was praise for British Emunah chairman Hilary Pearlman and her team who “exemplify the values and the very essence of the Jewish community in terms of commitment, philanthropy, and making sure that no child is left behind.”

Ms Rudd went onto speak about Brexit and anti-Semitism, receiving a standing ovation at the end of her speech.

Co-chaired by Emunah trustee Michelle Hirschfield and Esther Lee, the dinner included a video tribute from Israel’s President Rivlin and a congratulatory message from British PM Theresa May. Speakers included actress Maureen Lipman and news presenter Samantha Simmonds. Two young women from north-west London, Lauren Keiles and Adina Sheldon spoke at the dinner – both spent their gap years as volunteers, helping with the children that Emunah cares for.

Short films showed the impact of Emunah’s work at Neve Landy Youth Village and the Sarah Herzog Children’s Centre, Afula.  These included ‘David’ who came to Emunah after his father killed his mother before later committing suicide while in prison.  “Why did he do it? I didn’t understand why,” he said of the tragedy. “On that night I got a last hug from my mother as she was dying, truthfully I wanted to get a thousand more.”

David wants to help others, “just as I have been helped” but in order to protect him the film cannot be shown outside of a closed event or on social media.

Hearts went out to Sara Kulp, 21, who made the appeal.  “I grew up in the Emunah Afula children’s home, where I lived with my six siblings. We came there after my mother became ill and couldn’t look after us. As the eldest child, I took on a lot of responsibility… but it was an impossible burden for me.”

Miss Kulp is now living and working independently.

The audience heard how their mother died when Sara was aged 15.  Her youngest sister couldn’t talk and was helped by a speech therapist, while another brother learned how to express himself through therapy sessions with animals at the home’s petting zoo.

“Thank you for believing in Israel’s children, I am here today because Emunah believed in me. Please give whatever you can tonight to help children like ‘David’ and my brothers and sisters who still rely on Emunah so much.”

Entertainment came from the Emunah Supergroup – comprising participants of Emunah Young Singer contests and the singing group The Four Sons, who raise funds for charity.

British Emunah chairman Hilary Pearlman said: “Amber Rudd was generous with her time and her support of British Emunah and our UK’s Jewish community is very much appreciated. It was a fantastic evening and we hope that it has shown the community the importance of our work as there are so many children who are reliant on our help.”

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Walk the Great Wall of China with Emunah in May 2017!

Join us from the 4th to the 12th May 2017 to ‘Walk the Great Wall of China’, raising funds to help disadvantaged children at Emunah’s centres in Israel.

All kosher food, accommodation and transport provided. The trip is for men and women.  We will be walking for up 7 hours a day so a good level of fitness and preparation is necessary to take part.

Contact Alison Cohen for full details on 020 8203 6066 or email

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