Share Your Simcha

Planning a simcha or a special celebration?

Whatever the occasion, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding or retirement you can add an extra special dimension by asking your friends and family to donate to Emunah in honour of your simcha.

Send Emunah’s donation cards to your friends and family inviting them to make a donation to Emunah instead of buying you a present.  We send thank you cards to all donors and let you know the total amount after your celebration.

Through celebrating your simcha in this way you can share the joy of your celebration whilst helping the children in our care.

Do you want to donate to someone else’s special celebration?

Give a gift that really makes a difference – Emunah will let the celebrants know that you have made a gift in their honour (we never mention individual amounts donated) and after the celebration we let the donor know the total that was collected because of their special occasion.

Call the Emunah office to make a credit card donation or send cheques or charity voucher donations with a note of the special occasion to Emunah – Share Your Simcha, Shield House, Harmony Way, Hendon, NW4 1SD.

Your gift can make a real difference to the children Emunah cares for.