Emunah needs volunteers to:

  • Promote Emunah and be an ambassador for the children in our care
  • Help us meet our fundraising target by reaching a wider audience
  • Save vital charity funds and expand our activities by providing experience and expertise and a wider range of skills
  • Support Israel in a practical way

Possible reasons to volunteer for Emunah:

  • I will meet great people and have a good time!
  • I want to do something to help vulnerable children in Israel
  • Because I have been away from the world of work for a while and want to build up my confidence and work skills
  • Because my family have always supported Emunah
  • I want to do something that I feel is valued and worthwhile
  • I need experience for University
  • I want to experience new work situations
  • I want to feel part of something
  • Because it is mitzvah and an expression of my Jewishness
  • Because it is a way of showing my support for Israel

Volunteering Opportunities at Emunah:

Leadership volunteering opportunities at Emunah:

Become a member of the Emunah Executive
Lead a local Emunah group
Lead a fundraising event committee
Organize a one-off event for Emunah

Advocacy volunteering opportunities at Emunah:
Act as an Emunah Ambassador at your local Shul
Speak about Emunah’s work in Israel at local schools
Represent Emunah at communal events

Presentation volunteering opportunities at Emunah:
Liaise with the press for Emunah
Develop marketing materials for Emunah
Develop electronic communication methods for Emunah

Fundraising volunteering opportunities at Emunah:
Volunteer in the Emunah Charity Shop
Join our highly successful Ebay team – listing, packing
Lead a fundraising event committee
Organize a one-off event for Emunah
Join the Emunah Functions committee
Develop on-line fundraising strategies for Emunah

Contact us if you’d like to volunteer